Sale and installation of balconies and railings in the Montreal area.

Fiberglass balconies manufacturer

The fiberglass balcony: to end the maintenance. Before starting the construction or renovation of your balcony, be well advised by our experts and enjoy a  turnkey service. We offer a complete range of durable and personalized fiberglass balconies and this, at a competetive price. Also benefit from a quick and effective installation to simplify your life.

Produits balcons

Our colors options for fiberglass balconies


Uni Beige image Uni Beige
Uni charbon image Uni charbon
Uni gris image Uni gris
Uni kaki image Uni kaki


Granite grey

Granite Gris 110 image Granite Gris 110
Granite Gris 120 image Granite Gris 120
Granite Gris 130 image Granite Gris 130
Granite Gris 140 image Granite Gris 140
Granite Gris 150 image Granite Gris 150
Granite Gris 160 image Granite Gris 160

Granite beige

Granite Beige 210 image Granite Beige 210
Granite Beige 220 image Granite Beige 220
Granite Beige 230 image Granite Beige 230
Granite Beige 240 image Granite Beige 240
Granite Beige 250 image Granite Beige 250
Granite Beige 260 image Granite Beige 260

Granite beige

Plain SICO

SICO colors

We offer our plain balconies in the color range of Sico-6000. Our plain balconies are made of fiberglass over a ¾’’ plywood. They are available in 2 models: regular or with a drip. Steps and risers also available.

No maintenance required. Highly resistant to moisture and wear. 

Couleurs SICO image Couleurs SICO

Benefit from the advantages of fiberglass balconies

Diversified and versatile balconies

Obtain the color, the style and the finish that you want for a personalized balcony at your property. Our made to measures fiberglass balcony models are offered in a great variety, so you're assured to find a model that will fit your property.

Durable and shock resistant material

All our fiberglass balconies are built from a B-C Fir plywood, which give them an impressive seal against water infiltration. Furthermore, the edges of the balconies are finished with a drip, which eliminates the return of water to the fascia and prevent the decay of the wood or steel structure prematurely. This way, you benefit from a maximum protection against water infiltrations.

Easy maintenance balcony

Opt for the easy way. The fiberglass balconies are maintenance free and resist to stains, shocks and atmospheric pollutants. To keep its aesthetic, you just have to clean the balcony with a pressure gun or with a brush, hot water and the liquid soap of your choice.

The excellence at a competitive price

Obtain a fiberglass balcony directly from the manufacturer. You will get a quality product due to an efficient manufacturing method worthy of our great experience. All of this is offered to you at a price defying any competition.

The quality of our fiberglass balconies

We can also produce fiberglass balconies and terraces that have impressive dimensions up to 12' x 30' in a single piece. The balconies can easily support  a charge equivalent to four medium size people per square meter (around 300 kg/m2). Furthermore, because of a unique and innovative application technique of the fiber, Balcons Verdun is able to offer a 5 years warranty against delamination and cracks in the fiberglass.

Fiberglass balcony - Balcons Verdun

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