Sale and installation of balconies and railings in the Montreal area.

Our aluminum floor models

Newly offered by Balcons Verdun, aluminum floors are in great demand because of their  properties. You obtain a good value for your money and it's a turnkey product. These floors are 100% made of aluminum and they are very lightweight.

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Aluminum floor, the advantages

Accessible aluminium floors

Skip the delays of orders and get instantly the aluminum floor that you need. At Balcons Verdun, we have all the standard lengths in inventory. You need a floor of 8, 10, 12 or 20 feet? We will have the quantity of your choice.

Install your aluminum floor yourself

Our aluminum floors are extremely easy to install. Composed of many aluminum slats,  you only have to insert them in each other to create the balcony of your taste. And because it's a lightweight material, you won't have any troubles to carry it from your vehicle to your property.

The floor that doesn't rust and last a long time

By choosing an aluminum floor, you get a product that won't rust. Your balcony will go through the years without losing its beauty because the floor will be composed of aluminum:  a material whose durability is almost perfect.

Non-skid aluminum floors

Our aluminum floors are covered with an aesthetic textured paint that offers an additional protection. Furthermore, this textured paint is non-skid, which facilitates travels on the balcony.

Easy to clean and maintenance free

Aluminum floors don't require special maintenance to keep their original aesthetic. Thanks to that, your balcony will be really easy to clean. You just have to use the soap of your choice and a brush or a pressure machine.

Consult an aluminum floor expert

You are interested about this exceptional product and want to learn more about it? Consult one of our experts to learn everything about the installation and the structure needed by your future aluminum floor!

Talk to a pro

Aluminium floor - Balcons Verdun

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