Sale and installation of balconies and railings in the Montreal area.

Let’s work together

Always on the lookout to establish new successful partnerships, we are looking for
ambitious and dynamic entrepreneurs to achieve new projects together.

Partenaire Balcons Verdun

Why do business with us?

1 For our products quality If we benefit from an excellent reputation today, it’s above all thanks to the large range of high quality products that we offer. Indeed, our models offer many advantages and are designed in order to meet the specific needs of each client.
2 For our limitless expertise With more than 30 years of experience in the balconies and railings industry, we are well-known for the quality of our achievements. Indeed, our products as well as our installation services are known to last many years and offer a perfect outcome to our clients.
3 For our large network At Balcons Verdun, we never lack projects! Indeed, with no less than eight subsidiaries, Balcons Verdun is used for a large volume of projects in Montreal, in the North Shore as well as the South Shore.

What we expect from our partners

In order to well lead the achievement of our projects together, we are looking for business owners who would be :

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Desirous to offer high quality work

If you care about your clients satisfaction, if you are attentive to detail and if you always make sure to deliver perfect and sustainable outcomes, then we will make a great team.

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Efficient and deadline cautious

We always make sure to respect the deadlines we promise our clients in all of our projects. Thus, if you are able to work fast while offering quality installations, then we would like to meet you.

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As professional as we are

In order to fit our professional image, we are looking for a partner that will offer appropriate solutions to his/her clients, quickly and under all circumstances.

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Passionate and experimenteds

If you have already achieved several projects, if you have an in-depth industry knowledge and if you are always on the lookout for the latest trends, then we will have a lot to share.

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