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Our staircases models

Match your staircase to your balcony and railings. Balcons Verdun offers you all these essentials under the same roof. This way, you're assured of the quality of the product and the service delivered by our passionated.

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A quality staircase fitted to your needs

Facade staircase

At Balcons Verdun, our facade staircases have an exceptional robustness. Our stringers and stair railings are carefully made with welded aluminum (arched, angled or straight staircase) or mechanical (straight staircase only).  The steps are made with fiberglass applied on two 3/4 B-C Fir plywoods and offer the same loading capacity than the balconies and terraces. Covered with a cooked enamel finish, our stairs are also resistant to impact, wear and weather.

Back spiral staircase

The spiral staircase is a must in terms of durability. This compact staircase takes a minimum space and allows you to enjoy to the fullest the space of your backyard. It is also composed of aluminum stringers, stair railings and steps. To offer you a better robustness, this aluminum is embossed, welded and covered with a cooked enamel finish.

Patrimonial staircase

Our so called patrimonial staircases are made with welded aluminum and made to measures according to your specific needs. Due to our great variety of models,  you can finally obtain a durable and solid staircase that meets the standards asked by your municipality.

Enjoy a peace of mind with a Balcons Verdun's staircase

No maintenance

Because of the robustness of welded or mechanical aluminum, no maintenance of the staircase is required. Despite the bad weather and the passing time, your steps will stay solid and safe for many years!

Everything under the same roof

Due to Balcons Verdun, replace or build your exterior structures without headaches. In addition to the welded aluminum staircase, we offer a full range of aluminum railings and liners, such as soffits and aluminum fascias used for the finishing of your balcony. Also know that the steps and risers are available in the same colors than the balconies.

All-round warranty

Materials and building of our staircases are covered by a 20 years warranty, while enamelled finishes and plastic pieces are covered by a 5 years warranty. Also get a 5 years limited warranty on the fiberglass and its delamination.

Installation made by professionals

Our turnkey service includes  the delivery and the set up of your welded aluminum staircase, and this, as fast as possible. To insure you a nice and safe experience, the installation is done by a specialized workforce counting more than 25 years of experience.

Talk to a pro about aluminum staircases

A professional will go to your property to advise you and to offer you an estimate on a welded aluminum staircase. You'll know everything regarding your future staircase due to his expertise and quality service.

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Facade aluminium staircase - Balcons Verdun

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